Winch Operating Instructions

The gentle slope of the pavement outside of our hangars helps to keep the rain water out, but it can also make getting the airplanes back inside surprisingly difficult. Using the hangar mounted electric winch to tow the aircraft back saves wear and tear on both you and the airplane.

  1. Unplug or turn off battery charger before use.
  2. Release winch clutch by turning knob counter clockwise.
  3. Pull winch cable forward so that the cable-hook is no farther than the white paintspot at the front of the hangar.
  4. Engage winch clutch by turning knob clockwise until tight.
  5. Attach cable extension hook to the tail tie-down ring.
  6. Ensure that the rudder is lined up with the red-painted stud on the rear wall ofthe hangar.
  7. Use the remote control to energize the winch. It will slowly pull the plane intothe hangar.
  8. Important! Stop the winch as soon as the nose wheel is past the hangar lip toavoid damaging the winch.
  9. Push the plane back to the chocks by hand and secure aircraft.
  10. Remove the cable from the tie-down ring.
  11. Turn on or plug in the battery charger.

Here are some examples of what can happen if you don’t take the slack out of the cable before winching the airplane into the hanger.

Tangled Winch
Tangled Winch